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Tianyi Yuan ’20

A New Adventure in China: Personal and Theological Discoveries around Jingjiao and Nestorian Christianity

Tianyi Yuan '20

Tianyi Yuan ’20
Major: Theology and Philosophy
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Arthur Urbano, Theology

You should strive for knowledge even as far as China!

!اطلبوا العلم ولو بالصین”


Muhammad the Prophet

This project explored the inculturation and vitality of faith that made the mission of ancient Syrian Nestorian Christianity into China possible. My research is summarized into four discoveries:

  1. the discovery of the history of missionary journey, religious exchanges and the theological connection between Nestorian Christianity in Syria and Jingjiao (or the “luminous Religion,” which is the historical Chinese name of Nestorian Christianity) in China;
  2. the discovery of Jingjiao documents;
  3. the discovery of fundamental Christian doctrines in Jing-Jiao documents;
  4. the discovery of Jingjiao relics in China, which connects myself with my cultural background and scholarly future.
Click to download pdf.
Click to download pdf.

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