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Annual Celebration of Student Scholarship and Creativity
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11th Annual Celebration of Student Scholarship and Creativity

Welcome to the 2020 Celebration of Student Scholarship and Creativity!

Approximately 150 students, representing a wide variety of disciplines, were accepted to present work completed over the past year at this event. We are delighted to be able to showcase many of these projects virtually on these webpages. We invite the campus community to learn about this amazing work by browsing through the project pages, organized below by department. And, please interact with students by leaving comments on their pages and watching the presentations that took place throughout the day. Congratulations to all the students nominated this year!


Art and Art History


Chemistry and Biochemistry

Development of Western Civilization


Engineering and Physics

Elementary and Special Education


Foreign Language Studies

Global Studies

Health Policy and Management

History and Classics

Mathematics and Computer Science



Public and Community Service

School of Business

Social Work


Student Health


Nominated Students

Yazan Al-Issa ’20

Liam Bixby ’21

Olivia Braga ’20

Ryan Britt ’21

Taylor Brysgel ’22

Alexandra Chaparro ’22

Emily Conley ’20

Christine Cromie ’20

Eliana DaCunha ’22

Victoria D’Agostino ’20

Jordan DeMoura ’22

Fredson Desravines ’21

Cierra Duclos ’20

Truman Dunkley ’20

Justine Durand ’21

John Finn ’20

Jennifer Gomez ’20

Abigail Harrington ’21

Lauren Hobby ’20

Adriana Jimenez ’23

Quess-Symphonee Johnson ’21

Maria Johsnen ’20

Emily Knapp ’23

Christopher Lautato ’21

Matthew Lautato ’21

Robert Lesch ’20

Caleigh Lynch ’23

Kyle Medas ’20

Diana Mora Bermejo ’21

Haita Ndimbalan ’20

Brenna O’Leary ’20

Erin Ostrowski ’22

Joleen Owusu-Sekyere ’21

Alissa Pacheco ’21

Nicole Percoco ’20

Mallory Pletzer ’21

Victoria Rasmussen ’20

Jared Robert ’20

Andre Rogers ’20

Daniel Rooney ’21

Grace Shapiro ’21

Sean Tobin ’20

Lucille Vasquez ’21

Christopher Yerxa ’20