Undergraduate Research

Fr. Nicanor Austriaco, O.P. Research Lab


At Providence College, our professors are deeply engaged in research and scholarship — and so are our students. At PC, students have the opportunity to work side-by-side with experts in everything from novelist Cormac McCarthy to stem cells. In the process, they gain hands-on experience, a deeper understanding of their academic discipline and sometimes a byline in an academic journal or a presentation at a professional conference. This gives our students the confidence, expertise, and résumé-building credentials that set them apart in the workplace, on a scholarship or post-baccalaureate fellowship application, and in graduate school.

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Dr. Jennifer Van Reet

Director of the Center for Engaged Learning, Professor of Psychology
Library 211

Amy Goggin

Assistant Director of the Center for Engaged Learning
Library 212

Undergraduate Research Committee

Dr. David Cortes, Finance
Dr. Eric Melley, Music

Dr. Joseph Ribaudo, ​Engineering and Physics
Dr. Casey Stevens, Political Science

Undergraduate Research Grant Review Team

Dr. Olga Limnios, English
Dr. Jeffrey Markert, Biology

Dr. Kris Monahan, Academic Affairs
Dr. Osama Siddiqui, History