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Center for Engaged Learning

Providence College defines Engaged Learning as an active process in which students take ownership over their education. Engaged learners demonstrate intellectual curiosity and intrinsic motivation to learn by asking critical questions; investigating ideas and pursuing solutions to the problems which intrigue them; and participating, alone and with others, in intentional, analytical reflective practice throughout their experiences.

At Providence College, there are opportunities to be an engaged learner inside and outside the classroom. They could come while debating causes and effects of revolutions and social movements in a colloquium. Or, on spring break during a Habitat for Humanity service trip to New Orleans. Or, doing research in one of a faculty member’s labs. Or in a downtown gallery alongside a professional curator. Or, in the library poring over the writings of St. Thomas Aquinas. Or studying marine life at one of the world’s top research institutions. Or, analyzing market sectors and managing a real-money portfolio. Or, on a piazza in Rome during a semester abroad. Wherever your studies take you, you’ll gain hands-on experience and a deeper understanding of the liberal arts. You’ll also gain confidence, expertise, and experience that will set you apart after you leave PC.

Undergraduate Research


A member institution of the Council of Undergraduate Research, PC offers students the opportunity to conduct research and create original scholarship under the guidance of faculty mentors.

Study Abroad

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With more than 200 programs in 40 countries, thousands of PC students have had their perspectives broadened and lives altered by studying abroad. Why not you?

Career Education

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Through internships offered by the Center for Career Education & Professional Development, students have countless opportunities to gain real world, practical experience in their desired professions.

In the Community

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Community service and social justice advocacy are central to the College’s mission and are shared experiences for many PC students.

Creative & Performing Arts

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The visual and performing arts are an essential part of any liberal arts education. PC offers numerous opportunities to participate in and enjoy a diverse selection of art exhibits, poetry and fiction readings, and theatre, dance, film and musical performances.