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Reflective Practice

Reflective Practice is a process for making meaning out of one’s experiences.  

Learning is not simply a matter of seeing or hearing new information. Instead, in order to learn, we must actively construct our knowledge. Critically reflecting on our ideas, thoughts, and encounters is a way to understand them, connect them to what we already know, and interrogate them in order to come away with some new insight into ourselves and our world 

Recognizing that reflective practice is a key component of engaged learning, the Center for Engaged Learning invites the entire campus community to participate in our Year of Reflective Practice. To introduce reflective practice, we have developed a toolkit of resources for both faculty/staff and students. You will find models of reflective practice, sample assignments, and tips for engaging in critical reflection on these webpages. In addition, the CEL will be hosting and co-sponsoring a variety of events this year on the theme of reflective practice.  

There is a rich tradition of reflective practice in many domains – the philosopher contemplating the nature of knowledge, the artist submitting their work for critique, the social worker developing a more effective practice with their clients, to name just a few.  We hope that you will adapt our resources to be true to your discipline or share examples from your disciplinary tradition to add to our toolkit. Please email or use #PCReflectivePractice to share. 

Reflective Practice Mini-Grants