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Student Travel

​Providence College provides financial support to full-time enrolled undergraduate students who are presenting research/creative work at academic/professional conferences. The maximum amount of support available from this fund to a single student is $600 per fiscal year (July 1st to June 30th). Approval of student travel requests will depend on the availability of funds within the budget. Students that co-present with a faculty member or are mentored/sponsored by a faculty member are eligible to apply for funding.

Prior to Travel

All requests for travel funds must be approved. Student can apply through the Faculty/Student Resources and Opportunities page. Please sign in as an internal user. Completed application, including the signature of your sponsoring faculty member, should be submitted at least four weeks prior to travel.

Apply for Student Travel Funds

Budget Planning

A student must be able to pay for the majority of the travel expenses up front, and expenses will be reimbursed to the student upon return. Airfare, train fare, and some registration fees are exceptions to this, and may be reimbursed in advance if the application is accepted. Once you have been approved for travel funding, please contact Amy Goggin, if you would like any of your expenses to be reimbursed prior to travel.

Student travel funds will not cover any expenses for alcohol or tobacco products, or other personal items.

Individuals may pursue travel arrangements independently through a travel agent or via the Internet. In addition, the College currently has an arrangement with Pearson Travel that facilitates direct billing to the College. Once travel is pre-approved, students should contact Pearson Travel directly at 401-438-8400, 1-800- 336-1066 or; Pearson will then request confirmation and billing authorization. Any agent can assist you, but please indicate that the Center for Engaged Learning at Providence College is to authorize the travel.
Pearson office hours are: Monday- Friday from 8:30 a.m. – 5 p.m. Pearson Travel currently charges an agency fee of $25 for processing airline tickets. This amount will be billed directly to the College as part of the total cost of travel.

Use of a personal auto is permitted. However, the mileage expense authorized cannot exceed the price of an airline ticket. The mileage rate, effective January 1, 2009, is $0.50 per mile. Gas receipts may be submitted in lieu of mileage, but the two may not be combined.

The maximum allowance for meals is up to 50% of the per diem rate as determined by the U.S. General Services Administration.

The maximum allowance for airport parking in Rhode Island is $75 per week (Long Term Express Lot E at T.F. Green Airport). The maximum allowance for airport parking in Massachusetts is $108 per week (Economy Parking at Logan Airport).

Additional Information
Academic departments, programs, and schools may also contribute to the student travel expenses. If any additional travel support is expected from an outside source, please note this on your application. Please make every effort to reduce expenses (by sharing hotel rooms and transportation costs with other students, for example) so that a larger number of students can be funded.
Students should contact the event organizers to see if there are discounts, scholarships, or volunteer opportunities available for undergraduate participants to help defray costs.

Providence College will not reimburse expenses that are supported through grant/external funding.

Post Travel

By receiving student travel funding, individual contributors, under a faculty sponsor, agree to present at the annual Celebration of Student Scholarship and Creativity if class schedule permits.

Within two weeks of the completion of travel, submit the following:

  • travel expense report​ with original receipts for all expenses incurred.
  • A copy of your paper/presentation; electronic copies are preferred.
  • A brief summary statement indicating what you found most valuable about the conference you attended. No reimbursement will be processed unless accompanied by this summary statement.

The Center for Engaged Learning may post anonymous quotes from the summary statements on the Providence College Web site and in publication materials.

Please contact Amy Goggin, Assistant Director, Center for Engaged Learning, for assistance at 401.865.1834 or