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The Center for Engaged Learning Student Engagement Supplementary Fund

The Center for Engaged Learning (CEL) has set aside dedicated funds to help faculty, administrators, and staff provide Providence College students with meaningful engaged learning opportunities/experiences that cannot be accommodated by department/program/office budgets. Examples of such activities include (but are not limited to) purchasing tickets for students to attend an off-campus event directly related to the content of a course, compensating a guest lecturer for travel to campus to deliver a workshop to a student organization, or purchasing supplies for an in-class activity.

The CEL will prioritize funding requests which are in accordance with the CEL’s mission and/or  have the potential to boost students’ engaged learning abilities. Similarly, the CEL will prioritize funding expenses which are integral to the engaged learning experience (i.e., food requests will only be funded if the applicants demonstrate how the food is necessary for the engaged learning to occur). Funds must be used in a way that directly impacts students (i.e., requests for funding faculty/staff development or professional activities will not be accepted).

These funds are intended for unanticipated costs, not regular ones. If a particular event/activity is successful and a faculty/staff member decides to build the event/activity into their course/program, funds to do so would ideally be built into future department/program/office budgets. In other words, CEL will prioritize funding new ideas over events/activities that have been previously funded.

Any faculty/staff member who accepts funding through this program must agree to collect and submit some kind of qualitative and/or quantitative data demonstrating students’ engaged learning before the end of the semester in which funds are received. CEL personnel are available to assist with any aspect of this process if needed (deciding how to measure learning, gathering information, etc.).

All faculty and staff who teach, mentor, or supervise a group of students are eligible to request funding using the following online form below.

Requests of any amount are allowed; however, requests are expected to be proportional to how many students will be involved. Funding will be distributed on a first-come-first-serve basis until the fund is exhausted: requests can be made at any time and will be reviewed by CEL personnel when they are received. Funding decisions will be communicated by email within approximately one week of receiving the request.

Supplementary Fund Application