Annual Celebration of Student Scholarship and Creativity

15th Annual Celebration of Student Scholarship and Creativity

This event showcases the excellent scholarly, creative, and service work that Providence College students are doing on campus, in the community, and indeed, around the world.  The Celebration features poster and speaking presentations from students from all class years and from many different departments and disciplines.

The 15th Annual Celebration of Student Scholarship and Creativity will be held on Wednesday, April 24 in the Center for Moore Hall.

The Center for Engaged Learning continues to honor the incredible contributions Dr. Steve Mecca made to establishing and growing the culture of undergraduate research on our campus. Over his career, Dr. Mecca mentored hundreds of student researchers from a wide variety of disciplines. Notably, his students presented 73 projects at the Annual Celebration of Student Scholarship and Creativity over the past decade.

Projects reflecting one of the four themes that the late Dr. Steve Mecca was passionate about – Education, Health, Sanitation, and/or Technology – will be designated in his honor.

We are seeking nominations for the 15th Annual Celebration of Student Scholarship and Creativity. We invite nominations of Providence College students who are currently working on a project under the mentorship of a faculty member, or who have completed such a project within the last year. Projects completed over the summer or during the fall semester are eligible, as are in-progress projects to be completed before the end of the current academic year. Individual and group projects are eligible.

Students may nominate themselves and will be accepted into the Annual Celebration upon approval by their faculty mentor.

Nomination Form

You can see projects from past Celebrations at

Projects from the 14th Annual Celebration of Student Scholarship and Creativity

12th Annual Celebration of Student Scholarship u0026amp; Creativity Live Presentations

Grace Maffucci ’22 and Daniel Strother ’22

Ashley Gigon ’22

Ethan Descoteaux ’21

Brayden Binder ’22

Colin Congdon ’22

Meghan Reynolds ’24

Sara Dever ’22, Ethan Foley ’22, and Clare Mohan ’22

Samantha McFarland ’21

Ellie Apap ’22

Ethan Dionne ’22

Brigid McEvoy ’23

Joseph Sullivan ’21

Mackenzie Fox ’21

Lauren Flynn ’21, Jordan Pagliuca ’21, and Kristian Tomasic ’21

Cristina de Corral ’22

Olivia Jo Dickinson ’21

Victoria Sandner ’21 and Andrew Slyfield ’22

Michael Lombardi ’23

Adam Banatwala ’22, Jensen Barry ’22, Mackenzie Maude ’22, and Shannon Rooney ’21

Thomas Arbeiter ’21, Adam Banatwala ’22, Jensen Barry ’22, Mackenzie Maude ’22, Shannon Rooney ’21,

Meghan Smith ’23, Julianna Raho ’23, Julia Burk ’23, and Adam Henschel ’23

Gregory Assad ’24

Alexander Alutto ’23, Katherine Barton ’23, Aileen Deegan ’23, Eric Faia ’23, and Daryl Veale ’23

Chloe Rogers ’21

Kristina Copelas ’21

Kyle Burgess ’21 Live

Sean Gray ’21 Live

Sarah Heavren ’21

Michaiah Kojoian ’21

Jolssen Rodriguez ’21

About the Celebration


The annual event was inspired as a result of Providence College being awarded a three-year Fostering a Culture of Student Engagement grant from the Davis Educational Foundation. The purpose of the grant was to deepen students’ engagement in their learning as a means of fulfilling the College’s central mission to promote, sustain, and enhance academic excellence. The celebration is an important feature of the College’s Strategic Plan, in which student engagement is a critical step in our effort to enhance academic excellence through expanded experiential research, study, and service opportunities, and by recognizing students’ best scholarly and creative work.