Summer Undergraduate Research and Creative Grants Program

Summer Research Students

The PC Undergraduate Research Committee’s (PC-URC) Summer Undergraduate Research and Creative Grant program provides funding for stipends and research expenses in order for students to conduct research and creative projects on- or off-campus* for up to 10 weeks during the summer under the guidance of a faculty mentor.** Because research and creative activity are common in all fields of study, the committee encourages applications from all disciplines.

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The Benefits of Undergraduate Research
Students who participate in undergraduate research:

  • develop a one-on-one mentoring relationship with a Providence College faculty member;
  • engage in the creation and application of new knowledge to the real-world;
  • acquire a deeper understanding of their respective academic discipline;
  • enhance critical communication skills, independent thinking, creativity and problem-solving, and;
  • enhance academic credentials to support applications for scholarships, awards, career employment and entry into graduate and professional schools.

Student Eligibility
Summer Undergraduate Research Grants are open to all full-time PC undergraduates who will have sophomore, junior, or senior status in the fall of 2024. May 2024 graduates are not eligible. Applicants must be in good academic standing. Only individuals, not groups, can apply.

Funding and Stipends
Students who are awarded a PC-URC Summer Undergraduate Research Grant will receive a stipend of $525 per week for up to 10 weeks. The student must indicate in the application the length of the proposed research project. Faculty who oversee one or more student projects will be provided with one $500 stipend, no matter the number of students mentored through this program. Faculty members who are already fully supported by other internal and/or external sources are not eligible for this stipend.

In addition, students may apply for up to $500 to cover the cost of research-related expenses. Items that may be funded (if not already supported through other sources) include:

  • General, lab, or media supplies, or other expendable materials related to research
  • Archival copying, photocopying, printing, postage, telephone or communication expenses
  • Software, data sets, books, and small equipment, if necessary to conduct research and otherwise unavailable
  • Travel to libraries, archives, museums, field or research sites, laboratories, research centers, or approved educational institutions to conduct research

Grant Requirements
Grant recipients will be expected to devote approximately 35 hours per week to their project.

All grant recipients are required to submit a brief final report detailing how funds were used and/or the results of their research project by September 1, 2024. In addition, students must contribute a poster or oral presentation on their research at a campus-wide undergraduate research forum.

Application Procedure
Students must complete the 2024 Summer Undergraduate Research Grant application online using the PC Application Portal. Faculty listed as mentors will have the opportunity to review proposals and indicate whether they agree to serve as mentors within the online system before the application is complete.

Samples available upon request – please email

Priority consideration will be given to application submitted by Sunday, March 24 at 11:59 p.m.
All applications are due by Sunday, April 21 at 11:59 p.m.

Award Timeline
Award announcements for the first round of applications (Due March 24) will be made in mid-April. Announcements for the second round of applications (Due April 21) will be made in early May. Student stipends can begin no earlier than May 20, 2024. Earlier start dates cannot be accommodated. Approved supplies and expenses can also be purchased/reimbursed beginning May 20. Faculty stipends will be included in the first payroll period of the fiscal year.

For more information, please email

*It is expected that summer housing will be available on-campus. Confirmation of housing availability and cost will be determined later by the Office of Residence Life.
**Eligible summer mentors include all ordinary faculty, practitioner faculty, VAPs who can show proof that they will be continuing in the fall, 12-month staff whose positions include teaching responsibility, 10-month staff whose positions include teaching responsibility and who have permission from their chair/supervisor to be summer mentors.

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