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Undergraduate Research Awards

The following are some of this year’s recipients of Undergraduate Research Awards.

Delina Auciello ’18, Global Studies and Public and Community Service Studies (BLS minor)
“Envisioning Dream Communities”

Andrew Cannata ’18, French, Spanish, Italian
“Italian Neorealist Influences in American Cinema”

Angeline Casale ’19, Biology
“Characterization of Bacteriovorax stolpii Isolated from Snails in an Urban Stream”

Jonathan Coppe ’18, Philosophy and Mathematics
“Rights and Justice”

Christopher Del Santo ’18, History, Political Science, American Studies
“Their Attachment for the Royal Cause: Loyalist Motivations for Military Service in the American Revolution”

Cecelia Lahiff ’18, Humanities and Art History
“Brunelleschi and Ancient Rome: The Architecture of Santa Maria degli Angeli”

Gabrielle Manion ’18, Music
“Exploring Organ Repertoire Throughout the Centuries”

Nicholas Ogrinc ’19, English and Philosophy
“The Rational Moral Justification of Natural Rights”

Victoria Palmer ’18, Social Work
“A Question of Competency: How is alcohol and drug knowledge integrated into BSW and MSW programs?”

Blaine Payer ’18, Philosophy
“Who is Max Mad At: Conflict and Resolution in Film”

Josef Riccio ’18, History and Art History
“Early Presidential Iconography”

Mitchell Schirch ’18, Economics
“Developmental Effects of Criminal Offenders’ Reentry into Providence, RI Neighborhoods”