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> Summer 2018 Undergraduate Research Awards

Summer 2018 Undergraduate Research Awards

The following are this summer’s recipients of Undergraduate Research Awards.

Colby Anderson Andresen ’19, Pre-Engineering, “Design and Testing of an Inexpensive Hydroponics System”

Amy Conte ’19, Biochemistry, “A study of the novel K2 cluster bacteriophage Milly”

Janelle LaFlamme ’19, Biology, “Genetic variability of Mysid species in Rhode Island due to climate change”

Nicholas Ogrinc ’19, Philosophy, English, “The Hermeneutics of Truth”

Carlos Perez ’19, Engineering, “Biochar Slow-Sand Filter”

Charlotte Stanton ’20, Philosophy, “The Relationship between Nature and Power from Aquinas to Hobbes: 400 Years of Change”

Risa Takenaka ’19, Applied Physics, “How Ethics Informs Differences in Parenting and Early Education of Children in America and Japan”