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Undergraduate Research Awards

Fall 2018 Undergraduate Research Awards

The following are this fall’s recipients of Undergraduate Research Awards.

Guppies as a genetic model for population fitness in dynamic environments
Sam Lomax ’20, Biology
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Jeffrey Markert, Biology

You’re A Goodman Charlie Brown
Theodore Kiritsy ’19, Musical Theatre
Faculty Mentor: James Calitri, Theatre, Dance, and Film

Using Human Stem Cell Derived Kidney Organoids to Study Kidney Disease and Inflammation
Veronica Bohl ’20, Biology and Psychology
Victoria D’Agostino ’20, Biololgy
Truman Dunkley ’20, Biology
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Charles Toth, Biology

Dog Designing and Evolution: The Good, The Bad, and The Genomics
Gregory Papas ’20, Psychology
Jordan Pagliuca ’21, Biology
Lauren Flynn ’21, Biology and Mathematics
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Elisabeth Arevalo, Biology

Concerning Dinner
Isabella Christilles ’19, Studio Art
Faculty Mentor: Stephen Lacy, Art and Art History

A study of K2 Mycobacteriophages
Amy Conte ’19, Biochemistry
Colin Scano ’19, Chemistry and Biochemistry
Grace Grimaldi ’19, Biology
Fiona Anonuevo ’19, Biology
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Katheen A. Cornely, Chemistry and Biochemistry

Utilizing Mapping of Narragansett Bay to determine both the change in Eelgrass (Zostera marina) cover and the amount of the algal species present
Karalyn Falck ’19, Biology
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Patrick Ewanchuk, Biology

Health Care Workers in Puerto Rico: Adversity and Resilience after Maria
Ann Gross Almonte ’19, Health Policy and Management
Lauren Guerra ’19, Health Policy and Management
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Jessica Mulligan, Health Policy and Management

Modeling Parkinsons Disease in the Budding Yeast, Saccharomyces
Victoria Haak ’20
, Biology
Liam McDonough ’19, Biology
Yuri Takenake ’21, Biology
Alissa Pacheco ’21, Biology
Faculty Mentor: Fr. Nicanor Austriaco, O.P., Biology

The Effect of Specific Prototype Matching on Interest in Science: a replication and extension
Rebecca Hardenstine ’19
, Psychology
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Eliane Boucher, Psychology

Mechanical Light
Michael Jimenez ’19
, Physics
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Theresa Moreau, Engineering-Physics-Systems

Solar Energy Policy Research
Kathleen Kuzmin ’19
, Economics
Giana Paolicelli ’20, Economics
Matthew Carlson ’20, Finance
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Fang Dong, Economics

Atomic and Molecular Spectroscopy
Emma McLaughlin ’20
,  Applied Physics
Amelia Paladino ’19, Physics
Duncan McGinnis ’19, Physics
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Seth Ashman, Engineering-Physics-Systems

Contemporary Significance of Craft and Pattern
Jessica Rogers ’19
, Studio Art
Faculty Mentor: Judd Schiffman, Art and Art History

Solar Energy Project
Elijah Stewart ’21
, Engineering
Olivia Dickinson ’21, Applied Physics and Mathematics
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Seth Ashman, Engineering-Physics-Systems

When policy can mean life or death: The story of a woman living in Florida
Madeline Weil ’19
,  Health Policy and Management
Julia Scheuring ’21, Health Policy and Management
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Jessica Mulligan, Health Policy and Management

Avian Elbow Mechanics
Briana Barns ’20
, English (Pre-Med)
Faculty Mentor: Dr. David Baier, Biology

Infusing Technology in the Classroom
Madeleine Clark ’19, 
Elementary and Special Education
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Marcy Zipke, Elementary Education/Special Education

 A Locally Inspired Addendum to “Classic Beauty: 21st-Century Artists on Classical Form and Antiquity”
Melanie Frichhione
’19, Public and Community Service
Faculty Mentor: Jamilee Lacy, Art and Art History

IDH Gene Expression and DNA Repair of Drosophila
Samantha Nicodmus ’20
, Biology, Psychology, and Mathematics
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Marla Tipping, Biology

What Remains: The Story of the Black Cab Tours of Belfast
Maura Wester ’19
, History
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Darra Mulderry, History

Summer 2018 Undergraduate Research Awards

The following are this summer’s recipients of Undergraduate Research Awards.

Design and Testing of an Inexpensive Hydroponics System
Colby Anderson Andresen ’19
, Pre-Engineering
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Stephen Mecca, Engineering-Physics-Systems

A study of the novel K2 cluster bacteriophage Milly
Amy Conte ’19
, Biochemistry
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Kathleen Cornely, Chemistry and Biochemistry

Genetic variability of Mysid species in Rhode Island due to climate change
Janelle LaFlamme ’19
, Biology
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Elisabeth Arevalo, Biology

The Hermeneutics of Truth
Nicholas Ogrinc ’19
, Philosophy, English
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Michael O’Neill, Philosophy

Biochar Slow-Sand Filter
Carlos Perez ’19
, Engineering
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Stephen Mecca, Engineering-Physics-Systems

The Relationship between Nature and Power from Aquinas to Hobbes: 400 Years of Change
Charlotte Stanton ’20, Philosophy
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Jeffrey Nicholas, Philosophy

The Transformation of the Venetian Ghetto from 1516-1953 and Its Impact on Contemporary Jewish-Catholic Relations in Italy
Micol Striuli ’19, Politica Science
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Joan Branham, School of Arts and Sciences

How Ethics Informs Differences in Parenting and Early Education of Children in America and Japan
Risa Takenaka ’19
, Applied Physics
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Christopher Arroyo, Philosophy